the problem of suffering

The Psychology Behind the Problem of Evil

The Psychology Behind the Problem of Evil

There is a sort of typical back and forth that occurs between skeptics and Christians that sounds a bit like this:

Skeptic: “If God loves everybody, why is there so much suffering in the world?”

Christian: “Because people choose to rebel against God.”

Skeptic: “If God can do anything, why couldn’t he have just created a world where no one would rebel against him?”

Christian: “Because then there would be no free will. People have to be able to choose whether or not to follow God for their love to be meaningful.”

Skeptic: “Fine. Then if God knew that the people he created were going to just rebel, why create them at all?”

This is typically the point at which the Christian is stumped.

Is there something beneficial to both Creature and Creator in a fall from grace, and the pain and suffering seen in the world?