Christians in Science


In 2017, I, Joel Furches, interviewed 7 different scientists who were dedicated Christians. These scientists ranged from philosophers of science to particle physicists. Here is a catalog and summary of the interviews.

  • Dr. Edgar Andrews - Chemist

    While pursuing a degree in Theoretical Physics, Edgar Andrews had an impulse to read the New Testament, and was taken by what he found. Edgar began work in molten polymers, and went on to found educational and institutional science organizations. Edgar has also written extensively on his two loves: God, and science.

  • Dr. Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts - Microbiologist

    Inspired by her love of Star Trek to pursue science, Dr. Roberts got a degree in chemistry, and was drawn into the field of microbiology - in which she currently dominates.

    Roberts became a Christian at age 12, and her love of science has only improved her love of Christianity. In addition to making advances and discoveries in microbiology, Roberts also defends the reasonable nature of Christianity.

  • Charles Clough - Meteorologist

    A professional in meteorology, Charles Clough was eventually asked to professional predict and analyze weather patterns and climate for the United States Military. However, in pursuing his degrees, Clough was influenced by one of his professors to become a Christian, and, interested in furthering his theological knowledge, Clough obtained a degree at seminary in addition to his science degree.

  • Dr. David Snoke - Quantum Physicist

    Dr. David Snoke is currently engaged in research in quantum physics for the University of Pittsburgh, using their high-power pulsed lasers, extremely fast timing (trillionths of seconds), and cryogenics (temperatures down to a couple of degrees above absolute zero) to make brand new discoveries in the field.

    Snoke is also an influential Christian, whose faith began as a teenager, reading C.S. Lewis at the same time he read his beloved Science Fiction.

  • Dr. Hugh Ross - Astronomer

    Dr. Hugh Ross has a PhD in astronomy, and has done research on quasars and galaxies at the California Institute of Technology. He has published a half-dozen papers in peer-reviewed secular science research journals.

    Dr. Ross is also an outspoken Christian Apologist, writing and speaking for his organization, Reasons to Believe.

  • Jim Stump - Philosopher of Science

    Jim Stump is a philosopher of science who works for Bio Logos, the well-known organization founded by preeminent geneticist Francis Collins.

    Jim Stump defends evolution with the same enthusiasm he defends the Christian faith, making him no friends on either side of the fence.

  • Aron Wall - Theoretical Particle Physicist

    Aron Wall is a theoretical particle physicist who works for the Institute for Advanced Study. His field of study involves quantum gravity – the attempt to plumb the depths of Quantum Physics at the microscopic level and discover how it interacts with the seemingly contradictory General Relativity of the macroscopic. In addition to being a physicist, Wall invents games, writes essays, and sometimes even preaches sermons.