Mentionable Tyler Surprises his Fans by Converting to Molinism

Mentionable Tyler Vela is known among his fans for several ideological commitments. These include things like his polemic framework view of Genesis 1, his commitment to reformed theology, his championship of of Presbyterianism, and his zealous stance against Molinist theology.

This weekend, Vela made a splash in both the atheist and apologetics community because of his very successful debate against atheist darling Aron Ra. Tyler chose to take this moment in the limelight to announce his “conversion” to Molinism.

“It has been my position for a long time that Molinism flirts with open theism, and is dipping its toe into heresy, at best,” says Vela. “But after considerable debate with a colleague of mine during the Mentionables Conference, I was surprised that my views on women elders were changing, and I began to consider some of my other ideological commitments in a more skeptical light.”

Tyler admits that it was his prior commitment to Reformed theology which blinded him to the merits of Molinism, especially upon considering how certain forms of Molinism - such as Tim Straton’s “mere Molinism,” allowed for the truth of the system without direct contradiction with Calvinism.

“There may still be a possible world wherein I reject Molinism,” says Tyler, “But it is not this world.”