Question of the Week: Obedience in Paradise?

On March 21st, the Mentionables received this question:

What would be the role of obedience in paradise? Why would Adam and Eve need to obey god in a place where everything is perfect? What would he need to command them about if they were perfect?

Here are the answers from the team.

This is the answer from Mentionable Nick Peters. For the answers from Randy Hroziencik and Robert Vroom, scroll below.

They were sinless, but sinless does not equal perfect. As for obedience, why would it not play a role? There could not be a place of perfection where one goes against the will of the perfect king. They were given a choice and chose to try to be the center of wisdom in the world instead of God. I recommend reading John Walton's The Lost World of Adam and Eve.

This is the response from Randy Hroziencik. For the answer from Robert Vroom, scroll below.

Excellent question.  First off, only God is perfect - the creation, including the first people who were the pinnacle of creation, was declared by God to be "very good," but not perfect.  Because God gifted Adam and Eve with free will - they could choose to either remain in communion with God, or to rebel against him - God gave a simple rule, to be obeyed in order to test their willingness to remain aligned with God's direction for their lives (and the lives of those to follow).  So, in conclusion only God was/is perfect, although the first people were incredibly advanced in all ways, and free will plays a huge role in answering this question.  

Randy Hroziencik

This is the answer from Robert Vroom.

We will still have one major problem... we will not be omniscient. Like Adam and Eve, our knowledge of good and evil will still be only partial. Unlike Adam and Eve however, we will have a deep understanding of the evils of sin. I think we will know that if we follow our own understanding of good and evil, that evil will result due to our lack of knowledge. We will also know that God is omniscient, understands all results of all actions, and that to do what is good we need to trust in and follow his commands.