Question of the Week: Those Destroyed by the Flood?

John Martin [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

John Martin [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

On June 10th of 2018, the Mentionables received this question from Paul McAndrew:

Where are the antediluvian dead at this time?

Here are the answers from the team.


This is the answer from Randy Hroziencik

When I first read this Question of the Week, I thought that Paul was asking where are all of the physical remains of those who perished in the Flood.  However, when I read the question a second time, I realized that Paul was more likely concerned with the question of the location of the souls of those who died in the Flood - and even before the Flood came - rather than the issue of the physical remains of the ante-diluvian population.  However, let me briefly cover both, just to cover the bases. 

As one who is really into Bible and science issues, the question of the physical remains of the pre-Flood people is very interesting.  Although I'm neither a dedicated young earth creationist or a devout old earth creationist - I utilize resources from both camps, and am frankly disheartened by this internal battle within Christianity - I do believe that, when it comes to the historicity of Adam and Eve and the chronology of the human race the young earth camp gives the best answers.  We don't know the human population at the time of the Flood - it could have been huge, or maybe not so huge as murder and war might have kept the number down - but a lot of bodies would have been literally disintegrated in this world-wide cataclysm.  Unless a body is fossilized, remains won't last long - and fossilization is not a common situation.  It could also be that many bodies were taken deep into the earth.  I also believe that some of the remains which are believed to be post-Flood are actually pre-Flood.  Who really knows for Sure?  For more depth on this, see "Where are all the human fossils?" by Andrew Snelling (

Regarding the souls of the pre-Flood people, those who were meant to be with God in the afterlife are with God, and those who deserved to be separated from God are separated from God.  In light of the fact that the pre-Flood world was so incredibly wicked and depraved (Genesis 6:5-7), I suspect that the vast majority were separated from God.  However, it is possible that when Christ descended to Hades to preach/proclaim, maybe some of them were saved at this time.  However, these final verses of 1 Peter 3 (specifically 19-20) are hotly debated, so I can't really say with any great certainty that this is the case - but it could be.  Ultimately, I can say with confidence that no one will be separated from God for eternity who should not be.  It should also be noted that there have been some who have claimed that the souls of the wicked ante-diluvians became demons (more common is the claim that the souls of the Nephilim became demons, but both have been asserted).  There really is no solid scriptural support for this notion, however interesting it may be.

Great question, Paul.

Randy Hroziencik