Mentionable Nick Peters Announces He is Experiencing Doubts about Virgin Birth

Mentionable Nick Peters is famous for his firm stance on the topic of the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ. But this Easter, the founding member of the Mentionables team announces with regret that he has reversed his position.

"The truth is, I have pressed a number of fellow Christians on this doctrine; and even accused several of heresy," says Peters. "Now I wonder if it is I who have committed the heresy." 

Peters cites the second century writer Celsus who makes it clear that Jesus was the offspring of Mary and a Roman soldier named Panthera.

"This is a relatively early source," says Peters, "and it's clear this was well known to the Jews of Jesus time.  “We have not been born of fornication,” says a hostile gathering to Jesus in John’s gospel. The implication being: we weren’t, but you were."

Other Mentionables are concerned at Peters' sudden change of heart.  But one member is not surprised.

"He affirmed the Virgin Birth about five times a day," says founding member Joel Furches. "When someone spends so much time swearing they believe something, you gotta figure they're trying to compensate for some secret." 

The Mentionables ask fans to pray for Nick's soul, since they believe he may have embraced a heresy. 



Nick Peters (pictured)