Question of the Week: What Keeps the Mentionables Going

On December 17th, the Mentionables recieved the following question from JD:

The majority of The Mentionables have been in Online Apologetics for a few years now. You have seen/read/responded to hundreds if not thousands of memes, posts, trolls, etc. in your time as an OA (Online Apologist). What motivates you to keep going? You continually have to answer the same question worded in different ways and in different memes and receive the basic response each time (e.g. Responses to Questions no Christian can answer). 

Have you thought about 'retiring' to a home online where the trolls and memes don't play? What would it take for you to retire?



Here are the answers from the team

This is the answer from Nick Peters. For the answer from Joel Furches, scroll below

Wow. This is an awesome question. Thanks for asking it.

Years ago when I was getting ready to go to Bible College, I didn't know about apologetics at all. Due to having Aspergers, I went through Voc Rehab who paid for me to get my Bachelor's. In testing me, they suggested with my mind, I would be much better suited to something like engineering instead of ministry. No offense to engineers, but I wanted to go into ministry. When I discovered apologetics at Bible College, that became my passion.

Apologetics helped connect my Christianity to my life and started changing the person I was for the better. That would be good enough in itself. God used apologetics to do something else incredible in my life. He used it to introduce me to my current wife, a fellow Aspie, and she and I have been married for eight years.

So why do I still do it?

Let me assure you of something for everyone here. It's not for the money. Nope. My wife and I are really incredibly poor. If I went into this field to get money, I went into the wrong field.

Why do I do it?
Because Jesus is Lord.

Peter Kreeft said years ago that apologetics is the closest you get to saving the world. I agree with him entirely on that. Every day for me is an adventure. This is the real battle of good and evil. To this day, I am still a gamer, but I know that when I get behind the computer or any other device or have a real encounter, it's no game. This is where the rubber hits the road and this is where the stakes are eternal.

And that makes every day exciting. There's nothing else I would rather be doing. Do I get tired of some online trolls? Definitely? Are there some conversations I don't even bother with? Absolutely. Still, the work I do is meaningful, it makes me a better person, and it's fun. 

Yet if Jesus is not risen, I will pack it all up and go home. Maybe I will take that engineering position, though it could be pointless then. Because Jesus is risen, I am compelled to do my part in the battle of good versus evil. I intend to use the mind that God gave me to make a little bit of difference. I have no wish to ever retire. 

Thanks for the question! It's really a great one to get! 

This is the answer from Joel Furches

Like any other passion that a person pursues - be it art, tinkering, teaching or charity - I do it because it is something in which I am gifted.

And like any of those things, challenges and resistance actually provide drive and goals. In fact, it would get boring and uninteresting if it were easy.

But far from self-glorification or personal challenges, the very fact that I believe it is something at which I do well means that it is a gift I may give back to God.