This is a page wherein The Mentionables respond to an atheist article, "40 Questions to Ask Christians." Scroll down to see the list, or click on the links in the Glossary below to jump to a section:

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Joel Furches

Joel Furches is a freelance writer and author who has been writing for Christian publications for a decade, with a focus in the field of Christian Apologetics.

Joel has a bachelor's in Psychology and a Masters in Education, and taps into his background in psychology and philosophy to address these questions. Readers will also see a heavy focus on doctrine in Joel's answers.

Tyler Vela

Tyler operates the ministry The Freed Thinker wherein he blogs and podcasts on subjects related to Apologetics and Philosophy in which he has his degree. 

Tyler adheres to the Reformed tradition of theology, which will be evident in the answers he gives.

Tyler's answers will be intentionally brief and will often be answers “in the right direction,” pointing toward where he thinks a full answer can be found.  


Caleb Johnston

Caleb Johnston has a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Roanoke College. He lives in Roanoke Virginia with his wife Raquel and their 4 children. Following a crisis of faith he has spent 6+ years as an avid student of apologetics and looks forward to the eventual pursuit of a Master’s degree in this subject. He has spent the last 2 years hosting a multi-belief small group and has recently joined The Mentionables Network and Ratio Christi. In his spare time he works on his own blog and ministry development at Subjected To Truth 

Caleb answers these questions with a street level approach. The goal of most of these questions is to either plant seeds of doubts for the Christian in the conversation or to end the conversation by presenting something unanswerable. His answers will attempt to provide brief and concise responses that help to continue the dialog while still answering concerns. Caleb's goal as an apologist is to “put a stone in someone’s shoe” as Greg Koukl puts it. His job is not to win every argument but to keep the conversation going and to break up barriers. Caleb would like to think of it as tilling a garden, breaking up and removing rocks so the soil can be reached.

This is the goal of Caleb's approach to these answers, till the ground, help prepare it for planting.

It is Caleb's hope that his answers will provide some practical approach to addressing some of these questions.  


Marc Lambert

As a pastor, my approach is not usually to be quite so academic, but to answer questions in a way that people can understand and apply. As I was answering these questions, that was my intention. Some of them did indeed require a bit more unpacking, but it was my goal to keep my answers as short and to-the-point as I could with a more casual and conversational tone.